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Margaret McDermott is a partner at Harmonic Construction Services. Margaret brings more than 25 years of experience to the Harmonic team.  


As partner, Margaret is responsible for directing the renovation and rehabilitation efforts of HCS.  She is also responsible for all interior design decisions including clubhouses, common areas and unit renovations.


In 2009, Margaret also founded the nonprofit organization, American Community Experience, to offer supportive services to residents of multi-family communities.  The organization provided homework clubs, scout programs, soccer teams and adult ESL programming to their member communities. 


Prior to founding Harmonic Construction Services, Margaret had significant experience in independently remodeling townhomes and single-family homes throughout the Denver metro area. 


When she is not in the office, Margaret enjoys spending time with her husband and large family, her book club, travel and gardening. 


Margaret attended Michigan State University where she studied business administration . She was also involved with the Junior League of Denver for 15 years.

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